Preparing for Your Senior High Portrait Session

2019_09-24 Grant 03 WS2019_09-24 Grant 03 WS 2020_08-10 Cato  WS 162020_08-10 Cato WS 16 2018_11-06 Harrell WS 252018_11-06 Harrell WS 25 Senior session downtown colorado springsSenior session downtown colorado springsSenior session in downtown Colorado Springs, city, buildings, by Rebecca Kuhn photography in 2018



Where we go is up to you! Are there places that are meaningful to you, places you like to go with your friends, places that are near where you live? Are there places we can go to incorporate your talents and hobbies?
2019_03-19 Carr WS 302019_03-19 Carr WS 30
Next, do you know someone that might grant you access to a unique location - like a private pond, a stadium, a ranch? Let's face it, unique locations are a photographers dream!

And lastly, pick adjectives that appeal to you. Do you like something rustic and abandoned? Modern and full of architecture? Nature and mountain views? The more I understand what you want from a location the better I can make suggestions.

But if you still need ideas, click here to see some of my favorite places!


Teens & Senior PortfolioTeens & Senior PortfolioTeens and high school seniors photographed in Colorado Springs by Rebecca Kuhn Photography


Select your outfits ahead of time. If you only have one outfit, make it something that reflects your style, whether casual or formal, western or elegant, chic or trendy. For casual outfits, layering your clothing and accessorizing is a good tool to bring more detail to a photo. Avoid busy patterns, bold stripes and bright colors. Instead of wearing pure white, choose an off white or cream color.

Please note: I will only photograph high school seniors wearing modest clothing; if you must incorporate clothing that is suggestive or revealing, please consider changing your wardrobe or choosing a different photographer.☺


Makeup & Hair​

Ladies: Please use matte makeup that is free from sparkles, shimmer, and shine, including eye makeup, lip gloss, and body glitter. I know these things are so fun to use, but in a photo they end up looking like a white spot on your eyes or skin. Wear eye makeup and mascara to enhance your eyes, but avoid bright or dark 2018_11-06 Harrell WS 492018_11-06 Harrell WS 49 colors. Touch up chipped nail polish. Use hairspray and smoothing products. Bring a brush and hairspray with you - I won't hesitate to style your hair if it gets messy in the wind.

Young men: If you want a "clean shaven" look then shave a few hours before your session. Otherwise trim up your mustache, goatee, or beard a few days prior to your session.

Wash & Moisturize

This is a very important step - dry skin and lips, food in the teeth and crumbs on the face show up very easily in a photography. Use hand lotion and a neutral or clear lip moisturizer before your session - even the men! Also brush teeth and wash your face. 


Bring anything that represents your interests and goals during your high school years. This could be a musical instrument, a soccer ball, dance wear, equestrian equipment, knitting or crochet needles, or a uniform.


This is one of the details you can leave to me! I will do a variety of poses during your session, but I'm also easy going and like to capture candid photos. If you come across an example of a pose you'd like me to do, please share!

Weather/Illness & Rescheduling

I will only reschedule photo sessions if the weather is unstable, such as a snow storm or a definite chance of rain. I can work around a few sprinkles, and an overcast day can actually provide beautiful, soft light for photography. Sometimes the day after a snowstorm can make for beautiful scenery. Do not reschedule your session if you get a minor scrape or cut, or have excessive acne. Many of these things can be easily removed in editing. In the event of an illness, please give me as much notice as possible. I only allow one rescheduling instance for non-weather or non-illness reasons.