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Preparing for Your Newborn Session

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- Ahead of Time -

    I want the beauty of your baby to the focus of the photo, so I use simple, natural props in my images. My style is soft colors, neutrals, and earth tones. I will bring a variety of accessories for you to choose from: wraps, headbands, hats, bonnets, beanies, skirts, and pants. I also bring 1-2 props such as a wooden bowl, basket, or crate to photograph your baby in. Please limit any personal keepsakes or outfits you hope to include in the session to 1-2 items, and let me know about these items in advance.

    I love to photograph Mommy & Daddy with the baby, so prepare to have your photo taken. We'll discuss ahead of time any siblings or grandparents in the photos so everyone can be ready on picture day. For your wardrobe, choose simple neutral colors and avoid busy patterns and bright colors. Clothes should fit snugly and not be loose. For sibling photos, I will wrap your newborn. Little boy siblings can wear jeans or khakis and are usually shirtless on top. Little girl siblings can wear a cute simple outfit or I can use a wrap on the top.

    For complete newborn sessions, I aim for the following poses: 2 family, 2 parent, 1-2 with siblings, 4-5 on the bean bag, and 1-2 with a prop.
    For petite newborn sessions, I aim for the following poses: 1 family, 1 parent, 1 with siblings, and 2-3 on the bean bag.
    The poses I'm able to do depend on your baby's comfort level. I
    will gently and carefully attempt a variety of poses, but I will never force your newborn into an unsafe pose or to stay in a pose they are not comfortable in. Your newborn's safety is my main concern, so I will do as much or as little as your newborn allows me comfortably to do. I have taken hours of classes on newborn posing and safety, so I delight working with your newborn to create beautiful images. This is your baby's special day so please communicate what you hope to see, especially if you see something on my website or newborn portfolio.

What is the difference between a "bean bag pose" and a "prop pose"?

Bean Bag Poses Prop Poses
Newborn Bean Bag_0003Newborn Bean Bag_0003 Newborn Prop Shot_0002Newborn Prop Shot_0002



- The Day of Our Session -

  • 2017_03-02 McRae WEBSITE  492017_03-02 McRae WEBSITE 49 I will start the session with family photos so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the session without having to keep your makeup and outfit fresh and ready. Next we'll take sibling photos, then move on to your newborn using the bean bag and props.

  • I will need to set up in the room of your home that has the best window lighting, no matter which room it may be (large floor-length windows and sliding glass doors offer excellent light). It takes me about 15 minutes to set up, and during this time I'll allow you to look through my collection of wraps and props to choose your favorites.

  • Turn up the heat and dress light! We need to have a warm room, around 75 degrees.  Being warm helps the baby to sleep more easily and not get chilled when undressed. I will bring a portable heater with me to aid in keeping things warm. If the adults are a little too warm during a session then the temperature is just about right for a naked baby!

  • Plan for breaks to feed your baby during the session, even if they are short feedings. Sometimes being just a little hungry can make a newborn uncomfortable, especially since I'll be moving the baby around more than usual.  

  • Have a pacifier ready if you use one. It can be very helpful to get the baby to fall back asleep when posing and they're on the verge of a deep sleep.

  • Have a comfortable place to sit and watch. It can take a good amount of me holding, patting, and waiting for the baby to relax properly and safely. Taking the actual photo is the smallest part of the session!

  • I may need your (or your spouse's) assistance on some of the poses if I don't bring an assistant with me. Your baby's safety is my number one priority.


Quine 2017 Blog_0012Quine 2017 Blog_0012Baby boy photographed by Rebecca Kuhn Photography in Colorado Springs

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