Soto Family | Rock Ledge Ranch | Colorado Springs | 2018

April 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

~ The Soto Family plus! ~

This was a three-in-one family session! Ashley and her husband arranged a session for their extended family, which included Ashley's sister and husband and their little girl, plus Ashley's parents. They chose Rock Ledge Ranch for their location, which is a great place for family sessions if you like fields and wide paths and an easy walk, plus a view of the Peak if it isn't too cloudy. And kids love it! It was a beautiful day for our session, and I enjoyed getting to know this family a bit. Little Elliott was always in action, wanting to run and play and explore, and she had the cutest grin! Her momma and daddy sure knew how to make her smile, and you can easily see how much love the entire family has for her. I enjoyed getting to talk with Ashley a bit - she did a great job arranging the session for her family while they were visiting Colorado. One of the joys of the session was finding out Ashley is expecting a baby in a few months!

Thank you Ashley & Matt, Pat & Tim, and Casey & Mike for choosing me
to capture your special memories!


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