A little about me...

I'm a family and newborn photographer, with a few weddings added in every year. I'm married, a mom of five children, and have been homeschooling for 18 years (!). We have lots of pets and live on 20 acres in the country. I'm a native Coloradoan and have lived in the Colorado Springs area all my life. What started me into photography was my children; I simply wanted to take beautiful photos of them with a good camera. That was about 12 years and five cameras ago. ♥

I mostly photograph families, and seriously, getting to know your family is my favorite part of what I do! Many of my clients become friends that I get to see year after year. I'm privileged to see many clients marry, have babies, and watch their children grow.

I became interested in newborn photography when my youngest was born and a friend asked if she could practice photographing her... I had no idea newborn photography was a thing! I wish I had newborn YC9A9689 masterYC9A9689 master photos of my children like I now provide for others. Capturing these memories with patience, skill and safety is my top priority.

Photographing weddings began 4 years ago when a good friend built an amazing venue just a few miles from where I live. Weddings are so different from everything else I do. It brings me joy to provide couples a stress-free wedding day where they can know all the details are taken care of.

Most important, I'm a Christian and believe strongly in having a personal, real relationship with God. If you miss this in life, you've missed the most important thing. Before each session, I pray for you and your family, that you know Him and that I serve you with integrity, skill, and grace. I truly hope you've experienced His love for you.

I look forward to knowing you! ♥


"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven,
and that are in earth, visible and invisible,
whether they be thrones, or dominions,
or principalities, or powers:
all things were created by Him, and for Him."

Colossians 1:16