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Print Release 202001-08-2020 Kim & Josiah01-25-2020 Emma & Connor Engagement05-02-2020 Gerstenschlager Newborn05-09-2020 Burke/Rullman Engagement05-12-2020 Emma Bridal Session05-30-2020 Emma & Connor ~ Conquest Wedding06-05-2020 Staats Solution Headshot Branding Headshots06-19-2020 Beaver Maternity06-29-2020 Podolski Family07-11-2020 Carr Family07-18-2020 Miriam & Chase ~ Simpson Wedding07-21-2020 Madsen Family07-23-2020 Ellicott Baptist Church VBS08-01-2020 Swords Maternity08-02-2020 Staats Family08-06-2020 Janowsky Newborn08-08-2020 Wilson Family08-10-2020 Ashanti Senior Session08-14-2020 MacGregor Family08-24-2020 Beaver Newborn09-08-2020 Hubbard MaternityRullman Wedding09-19-2020 Lopez Newborn09-19-2020 Jarvie Family + Cakesmash09-29-2020 Huff Family10-02-2020 Swords Newborn10-05-2020 Chase Senior Session10-09-2020 DiFabio Newborn10-09-2020 Johnson Family10-10-2020 Abbott Family10-12-2020 Baart Family10-15-2020 Will & Jordan Senior Sessions10-16-2020 Kanumuri Newborn10-22-2020 Pastuer Newborn11-09-2020 Miller Family10-23-2020 Hall Newborn10-24-2020 Difabio (Sam & Esther)10-24-2020 Difabio (James & Delilah)10-24-2020 Difabio Group11-07-2020 Hubbard NewbornWells Family 11-09-2020Hazelwonder Family 11-14-2020Ritterbush Newborn 12-04-2020Hutto Familiy 12-09-2020Conquest Newborn 12-29-2020Josiah & Kim Engagement 12-31-2020