The Moore Family & Newborn | 2016 | Colorado Springs

October 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

- The Moore Family & Newborn -

I didn't know Lindsey and Brian before they hired me to take photos of their newborn girl. Lindsey is a veterinarian, and so is my father, and I worked for him for over 10 years, so I felt a little bond with (Dr.) Lindsey. Regardless, it's got to be a bit nerve-racking to have a stranger come into your home and handle your new baby. I always appreciate these families and try to put them at ease with lots of preparation, because honestly, newborns are my favorite kind of session. And they are the hardest sessions to do. I walk away sweaty and exhausted, and the photos can be more difficult and time consuming to edit. But they're still my favorite sessions, because I love newborns. I've put the most training and education into newborn sessions than any other kind of session I offer.

Baby Josilyn was 3 weeks old and over 9 1/2 lbs at the time of her session, and she and her parents and sisters were amazing to work with and get to know. Her sisters older sisters were the cutest, most doting girls I've ever seen - can you tell by the photos? They wanted to watch it all!

Thank you again, Lindsey & Brian, for choosing Rebecca Kuhn Photography.




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